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Please note: our special of the day is different each week depending if our mood is beefy, fishy or veggie delichy. Get an update on our website on www.atanahan.co.uk or at ATAN STALL on facebook for the coming week.




PadPreek King

(Dried Spicy Curry with Ginger)

PadPreek Gang

(Dried Spicy Red Curry)

Veggie Stir Fried

(Stir fried vegetable with cashew nuts & sometimes tofu)

Veggie PadThai

(Stir fried Noodle with Tamarind, Onion & Beetroot sauce)

PadPreek TomYum

(Stir fried TomYum Flavour)

Pad GraPow

(Stir fried choice of meat with garlic & chilli and finished with basil)

Porky KiiMao

(stir fried strip of pork with garlic, fresh chilli, peppercorn & basil). HOT

GaiPad MaMouong

(stir fried chicken with Crispy Chilli & Cashew Nut).

Gai Pad King

(stir fried chicken with Ginger & Oyster Sauce).










Veggie Spring Rolls

( filled with Bean Sprout, Glass Noodle & Vegetable)


(Parcels filled with Meat or Veg)

Prawn Crackers

Crispy Wonton Stuffed with Quail Egg

Moo Pink

(Thai Style Pork Kebab)

Larb Moo

(Thai Style Lean P0rk Hot & Spicy Salad)

Pork Parcel

(Pacels filled with Lean Minced Pork, Bean Sprout, Fragrant Mushroom & a bit or shallots.)

Gai Pink

(ATAN's style Chicken Kebab)











Mussaman Curry

(Muslim Style Curry)

Malasian Curry

Yellow Curry

(Turmeric Flavour Curry)

Red Curry


(Hot & Sour Coconut Soup)

Green Curry

Panang Curry


( Thai Style Hot & Sour Soup )








Guernsey Beef


Slow cooked in a Thai Red Hot Curry

served with Noodle or Rice

Gang Garee Gai

(Chicken Yellow Curry)

Guernsey Beef

Mussaman Curry

Slow cooked Guernsey Beef in a Muslim Style Curry



Chicken slivers, marinated in coconut milk, turmeric, honey and a mild Asian spices come with peanutty tamarind & chilli and cucumber & onion salad.

Beef Malay Curry

Gang KiewWaan Gai

Chicken Green Curry

GraPow MooZub

( Thai Style Lean Mince Pork Stir fried with garlic, fresh chilli and holly basil)

Panang Pehd

(Duck Panang Curry)

KowPad KiewWaan

(Fried Rice in Green Curry Paste - served with Prawn or Without for VEGETARIANS)


PadPreek King

(Dried Spicy Curry with Ginger)


Thai Style Pork Kebab


In Thai, Moo means Pork and Pink is Grilled.


( Spicy Red Curry )


Gang-Ped means spicy curry. It is a popular Thai dish consisting of curry paste to which coconut milk is added. In the picture is Chicken Red Curry, ganished with kaffir lime leaf and fresh chilli served with jasmine rice.




Samliam is a triangle shape wrapped with spring roll pastry and filled with home made locally grown vegetable such as pumpkin, new potato & coconut, peanut, lentils. Served with fresh salad & sweet chili sauce.




(Spring Rolls)


Spring Rolls are filled with Bean Sprout, Glass Noodle & Vegetable. Served with fresh salad & sweet chili sauce.

Gang Gai Gati


Chicken in a Thai NamYa style Curry

served with Noodle or Rice

Kow Clook Gabi


An array of simple yet unique flavour





Marinated Leanest Chicken breast in coconut milk & lemon grass, finish off with fresh lemon or lime and coriander

Goong Pad-PreekPao

Stir fried King Prawn in a tamarind and chilli jam sauce.

Tuna Steak Mussaman



(A Very Traditional Thai Style Lean Mince Pork Salad)

Gang KiewWaan

( Hot Green Curry )


Always popular, Green curry can be beef, chicken or prawn with bamboo shoot, green bean, pepper and other crunchy vegetable we can find locally.


Northern Style curry, served with rice noodle

and garnish with fried chilli, pickled mustard, bean sprout, fresh lime/lemon, coriander, shallot & crispy noodle.

Always popular with some sticky rice as a snack or a meal.


(Stirfried Noodle with Home Made Tamarind, Onion & Beetroot sauce)


It is a Vegetarian and Gluten-Free dish, served with or without crushed peanut.

Ignite with chilli & lime, you know what you like!

Panang Curry


Panang curry varies each time at our stall, sometimes we have beef and sometimes we have chicken and sometimes we have pork.

SamLiam Gai

(Chicken Parcels)


Samliam is a triangle shape wrapped with spring roll pastry. These are filled with Chicken & Lentils and a bit of chopped vegetable to colour up. Served with fresh salad & sweet chili sauce.

Fresh Viet Rolls


Mixed Crispy Veggie Sftuff wrapped in Soften Rice Paper.

Come with Soy & Sesame sauce.

Suitable for VEGANs.

Prawns or Chicken can be added to request